Support the WBP

How Can You Support the WBP Without Becoming a WBP Designer?

Spread the word! Like all milestone initiatives a certain amount of ‘buzz’ or inertia is required to get the ball going and generate interest. You can help us by:

  • Telling your colleagues and management about the WBP and distributing hard/digital cpies of the WBP brochure accordingly.
  • Telling other designers you may know about the WBP and actively encouraging them to participate.
  • If a member of your organisation has already decided to become a WBP Designer, you can encourage and support him/her in his endeavours to develop a WBP design.
  • Encourage your WBP Designer to make a presentation based on his/her WBP design at the 5th IBDC.
  • If you are the employer of a WBP Designer, you could allow him/her a certain number of hours per week/month to work on his/her WBP design.
  • Check for regular updates at
  • Write postings and comments on the WBP blog and help WBP Designers by answering their questions and/or requests for support at
  • Reserve one or mo re WBP Commemorative Books for your organisation.

To help you help us we have prepared the following World Banknote Project media that you can easily download from and distribute to your colleagues and contacts within our community.


WBP Media Downloads


WBP Brochure

Download File Archive





WBP Pictures