WBP Calendar

We launched the World Banknote Project at the 4th IBDC, in Paris France from 12-15 September 2016. All IBDA Members will be invited to participate in the World Banknote Project providing they meet the simple criteria mentioned below (Who Can Participate?).

Upon registration for the World Banknote Project, participants will receive a WBP Starter pack containing all relevant information pertaining to this unique initiative. Participants will be required to sign a ‘Commitment to Complete Work’ and a legal disclaimer, allowing the IBDA to publish and reproduce their designs for illustration purposes.

Once these two documents have been received by the IBDA, the registration process is complete and valid and the participant is accepted as a Worlds Banknote Project Designer.

The World Banknote Project Designer will then be required to respect the following milestones and plan:

WBP Calendar & Milestones

Download WBP Calendar PDF