WBP Events & Outputs

What will the WBP Output Be?

The World Banknote Project is intended to be a milestone initiative within our industry and it is hoped that the results of the project will stimulate and catalyse our industry to think differently about the whole subject of banknote design. In order to give maximum visibility to World Banknote Designs a wide scope of events and communication media are planned in 2018 including the following:

  • Central Theme for 5th IBDC
    › Your opportunity to tell your story via conference presentations
  • WBP Gallery/Exhibition during 5th IBDC
    › Your opportunity to present your design and explain your inspiration
  • Commemorative Publication
    › Reaching out to the wider banknote community to stimulate and provoke thought
  • WBP Creative Lab
    › A Chance for all WBP Designers to meet and open a dialogue and discussion on the future of design
  • Banknotisation & printing of certain designs
    › Demonstrating that the dream can become a reality and how
  • Creation of WBP Working Groups
    › Following up on your dreams and vision to make it all possible in the future

The 5th IBDC will be entirely dedicated to the WBP with presentations, workshops, panel discussions and a dedicated exhibition on this theme.