Who Can Participate?

Any IBDA Member who has a demonstrated capacity to create a banknote design and use the appropriate design software tools may apply to participate in the WBP. Our goal is not to preclude interested parties who may not realise banknote designs on a day-to-day basis but to promote diversity, different perspectives, styles and interpretations of what a banknote will look like in the future. Our objective is not to score or determine which is the ‘best‘’ design. It is to simply facilitate a process which in it’s own right will generate a tremendous level of energy, creative thinking and provide food for thought for those with an interest in banknote design. We also wish to move the spotlight back to the designers who actually create the designs and let them tell their stories, explain their thought processes and defend their design content and choices. In summary, the WBP is an initiative designed to stimulate interest in and a different way of thinking about the way banknotes are conceptualised and created.

The absolute credential necessary to apply to become a WBP Designer are as follows:

  • Be an IBDA Member
  • Be capable of realising at least one banknote design according to the project plan above
  • Be capable of committing to the schedule of work required for the WBP and signing the legal document of commitment accordingly
  • Be in agreement to authorise the IBDA to reproduce your WBP design for the purposes of the creation of a WBP commemorative book

World Banknote Project participants can also post updates, exchange information and artwork/images via this website and you can track project and specific design progress and evolution via the site.

All validated WBP Designers will receive a www.worldbankotedproject email address allowing them exchange such information privately and discretely from the workplace or home without the need to divulge their professional or personal mail addresses and/or details.